I love Freebies, rainy day or  hectic schedule, we can easily use printable and make an awesome craft. The printable which are linked here can be used for personal use. When we say free, it is free!!!. If you want to use them on your blogs, please give a link to our article.


Planner printable

Start your new year with our free planner printable pages for productivity. These pages can be used by working people/ stay at home moms / students who wish to achieve their goals and feel less stressful while doing your work.7 Free Planner printable pages includes Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Habit Tracker, Social media Calendar planners.


Use our 2017 yearly calendar printable – print it, use it in your projects and make colourful calendar for your friends and relatives. To print, click here –  Calendar printout. (Ctrl +P in Windows , CMD+P in Mac). Use normal A4 sheet, you can also print on colour paper. Cut the paper on lines, to see how this calendar is used, watch our youtube video.