22 Craft Blog post ideas for crafters

22 Craft Blog post ideas for crafters

I was checking for craft blog post ideas and inspiration for craft blogs and I found there are no craft blog post ideas on the internet. So I decided it was time to compile a list of craft blog post ideas for us craft bloggers.

Here are 22 blog post ideas for crafters to get you started…feel free to use as many as you want!

22 Craft blog post ideas

1.Write a step by step tutorial for a craft project

2.Write an review about your favourite craft tool

3.5 must craft tool of yours for crafting

4.Tell about your favourite craft project.

5.Create a free printable

Check on the link for free printables in our site

6.Write about how you organize your craft items

7.Write about your favourite craft blogger

8.Write what you do in a day

9.Interview another craft blogger

10.Host a giveaway

11.Write a Goals post – what do you hope to accomplish this week/month/year?

12.Write about gift ideas for crafters

13.Share any new technique you recently learnt in crafting

14.Write about how you sell your craft products

15.Why and when you started crafting

16.Crafting shops which you like

Check our #craftshopsinChennai list

17.Software which you use for creating digital content like for your photographs, blogs

18.Write about different cultures craft

I liked the way how the author has combined travel with craft tour, check the link for Art and Crafts of Tamilnadu


19.Songs/Activities you do while crafting

20.Share the mistakes which you did in your craft projects

21.Write about your wish list craft items

22.List all your favourite craft books

I hope this list was helpful and gave you a few ideas for your craft blogs! Is there anything would you like to add?