DIY miniature Book backdrop decor Model for birthday

DIY miniature Book backdrop decor Model for birthday

It’s been a long time since I have written a complete step by step tutorial for you. I am sharing a project which I created 2 years ago!!!!

A book backdrop model, a fun project and the dimension can be altered as a giant backdrop decor.The miniature size of the finished book backdrop decor will be 15 inches * 9.5 inches, if you use the same dimension in feet you can create a giant gorgeous backdrop for any event!!!!

The miniature book backdrop decor can be used as props or centerpiece for any birthday event. The fun thing about the book model is that based on how you decorate the front book, it will look completely different. If you are a Harry potter fan then by adding a broomstick, snitch, wand and all magical elements, we can make it as a centerpiece for a Harry potter themed birthday party.

I and my daughter love magical fairy land theme, so we added flowers ???, butterflies ???? and fairies.


You will need

  • Mount board or foam board
  • Glue gun
  • Craft knife
  • Faux leather (or brown /black craft paper for back of the book)
  • White or light color craft paper for book page

Step by step instructions on how to make the book backdrop decor

1.In the foam board cut two rectangles for each side of the book measuring 7.5”*9.5” (7.5 & 7.5 total 15 “). Use craft scissors for cutting the foam board, make sure you keep a mat down while cutting the board.

2.Divide the 9.5” side into 3”, 3.5” and 3”. Cut the pieces, now you will have four 3″*7.5″ and two 3.5″*7.5″ pieces.

3.To give book shape, in a 6″*1″ foam board cut the way it is shown in the pic. Use a paper initially for creating a template then draw on the foam board. For top and bottom in the curve cut the shape like given in the pic.

Book shape

4.Now you will have 4 pieces for top and bottom and 8 pieces for centre.

5.Glue the book shape to the board

6.To give shape, measure the inner length and ½ inch as breadth and cut the foam board. Glue them as shown in the pic.

7.Repeat the same process in both the sides of the book page.

8.Now the base is complete. We can glue the faux leather and glue the book together.

9.For the front page use light color or white color paper, cut them as based on the shape and glue the paper on front.

10.Now we can add embellishments, I added paper cut flowers using my cricut ?, fairies from scrapbook paper. I also wrote a poem from “The Garden Fairies” verse by Charles F Knowles 

If you give a try for this project and make this book backdrop decor, tag us on social media, use #anicreationcraft , we love to see your work. Also, share the blog with your friends and relatives. Leave your comments in the blog and also let us know what you like to see more.

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