7 Free Planner printable pages for productivity

7 Free Planner printable pages for productivity

7 Free Planner printable pages – Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Habit Tracker, Social media Calendar

When we are working from home it is easy to lose focus and when we have to manage both work and our personal life, sometimes we feel it is a mammoth task. The lines get blurred, we lose focus and don’t feel we have achieved our task at the end of the day.

Planning our task  always helps us to visualize our efforts. We tend to stick to our task when we plan and write it down. This makes us less stressed out. 

Daily planner 

I always feel writing down my task makes me more focused. Whenever I have lots of tasks, I note them and strike through the task when I have completed it. That visual feeling gives me satisfaction and motivation to finish the next tasks. Take 10 minutes everyday to see your weekly task and break it down to small tasks. I always write the task which takes more time first and then the other tasks, as I feel more focused in the morning.  Schedule big tasks on time where you will feel more focused.

Brian Tracy  -“If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.” 

Download the free planner printable pages which are at the end of the page and start planning your daily task!!!

Monthly planner

I always tend to forget scheduling dental appointments for my daughter, monthly bill dates. Monthly planner helps me to never forget the dates.

Habit tracker 

Similarly when we are starting a habit it is better we track our progress every day. Marking even the smallest achievement gives us motivation to make it big. Habit can be as simple as drinking 1 litre of water or walking every day. The more the habit is visualised the better the result. Jerry Seinfeld says if you wish to build a habit mark it every day. Print the habit tracker sheet and place it where you can see, if drinking water or eating healthy food is your goal, stick the sheet on the Fridge. Everyday when you have done the task color or doodle it, yes more grand it is you will feel more motivated. Use our habit tracker printable which is part of the free planner printable pages and start your new habits.

Social media Calendar

It is always important to be prompt in your social media when you are promoting your business. Having a schedule helps you to be on track.

  • Download the planner pages Planner organizer– right click and save to your folder. 

Start your new year with the free planner printable pages. Let us know how it helped you in the comment section. Share the blog with your friends and family if you feel it will help them.


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