Best Times to post on Social Media

Best Times to post on Social Media

Sometimes we wonder why our post has not got many views, even though our post makes sense and we have spent a good amount of time.

Do you know that people are active in particular time slots on different social media platforms. Below is the statistical data during which time period people are active on the different platforms.

Best time to post social media post

For example, on Facebook people check their posts during 1-3 PM on Thursday and Friday. Closer the weekend, people like to engage with their friends and family and checkout weekend activities on facebook.

On Twitter people are more active at afternoon’s in the weekdays, this may be due to the reason they might be stressed in the office, checking tweets during this time can relax them.

Schedule your post

Pinterest is mostly active during Saturday evening. Users like me will be always active on Pinterest.

Schedule your post!!!

Give a try and schedule your post during this time


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