My journey to 1000 subscribers and mistakes learnt from them !!

My journey to 1000 subscribers and mistakes learnt from them !!

Hi Readers, first of all I like to share my happiness with you all. YES, We have reached our baby step milestone of 1000 subscribers in our YouTube channel. It is a slow journey but I am so happy to reach this level and also I like to thank you all for supporting us and helping us to reach this achievement. Many times we share our happiness but we won’t share the struggle or mistakes which we did during this journey to this success. I like to share it with you friends so that you will avoid the same mistake which I committed in my YouTube channel. If you wish to start your YouTube channel.

We started Anicreation 4 years ago. Any channel which has been for four years must have got more subscribers,but still here we are in our baby step ?

In this journey, I have made many mistakes and that is the reason it took us so long to achieve our first 1000 subscribers. If you are like me who have started your first channel and wondering why you don’t have subscribers or viewers , here are some mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: Not being Consistent

The mistake is not being consistent, yes friends it matters. If you say to your viewers “Every Friday we will release videos”, you need to keep up the promise. we need to be consistent about it. If we are not consistent even our subscribers would forget about us and we will not get more views.

Mistake 2: Not using proper YouTube title 

Your YouTube Video title matters;Show some love and time in naming your YouTube videos. Think about the keywords you will use if you are going to search for such videos in YouTube or Google search and then use them in your video title.

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Mistake 3: Not creating proper YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnail image is what our viewers will see first, they should have an image and a title. Title should be shown properly along with your image, use ½ rule image + text.

Mistake 4: Not using YouTube Analytics

Know your subscriber or channel viewers. Google analytics helps us to understand our subscribers and viewers, we can analyse the most watched video to understand our viewers needs and publish more videos based on their interest. Understand that you are doing videos for others to watch, their interest matters!!!!

Mistake 5: Losing hope

Yes you heard me right!!! When we don’t see likes or subscribers we lose our hope and stop promoting or making videos. Instead of worrying analyse your videos or your competitors videos. Use proper description, tags, keywords and boost your post. Have faith.

Hope this tips are useful and you are able to avoid some mistakes.