Miniature book – Anne of Green Gables miniature book

Miniature book – Anne of Green Gables miniature book

Hi readers, my daughter loves miniature and Anne of Green Gables. I immediately knew I should make her a miniature Anne of Green Gables book for her birthday.

Disclaimer: I didn’t draw the complete book and since, it was a gift for my daughter birthday and I am not selling the product; I copied the illustration from various book. Please note that it is not my original work.

Puffin classic edition cover of the book. I don’t know how many times she has read the book, she has the same edition. So, I copied the same design which has been illustrated in the book.

I haven’t read this book in my childhood days, my daughter asked me to read the book, I was so captivated in Anne’s world. The imagination of Anne and her perspective of life , I just loved Anne. Thanks to L.M.Montgomery for such a lovely, vibrant full of life character.

Hit the play button to watch how cute the book is ?

It was a fun project, I hope you like it. Also tell us your favourite character and book, let us see if we can make a miniature book out of it ?