5 Tips for working mommies to manage kids at home

5 Tips for working mommies to manage kids at home

Hi mommies, I know how difficult this situation is for all working mommies, not only working mommies but mommies in general. Involve your partner, it is not only mommies work but also daddies. Here are 5 tips to make your life easier.

1. Stick to a routine

Yes, stick to a routine not only for you but also for your kids. Don’t make them sleep late or allow them to be awake till midnight!!! I know this is a difficult task but believe me sticking to this routine will help you long run. Wake them up at 7AM and do some mild exercise or fun aerobics. Here is a checklist for you 

  • Wake up time 7AM
  • Exercise 7:30
  • Breakfast @8:30
  • Bath @9:30, must don’t allow them to do anything at home without taking bath
  • 10-12 no TV , they can engage themself by colouring , drawing and playing. If you have toddlers make them sit near you and keep their toys and books near you. Tell them momma is going to work and my Little champ is going to help me in my work. This helps, when they know they are helping you, they always behave nicely. 
  • 12-1 lunch 
  • 1-3 TV time, yes you can relax and work
  • 4 – 5 if they can play in the park or community then well and good, you can work while they are playing but if it is not possible give them some crazy time. They need to run and be crazy. I suggest dancing to songs; that actually wear them out.
  • 5-7 let them watch TV or play games. Avoid giving mobiles and ask them to watch on TV
  • Dinner at 7 PM
  • Sleep at 8 PM
Schedule @ HOME

By seeing this checklist you will scold me , but believe me, first they will scream and try to get what they want. If you are strong willed and don’t listen to their tantrums they will eventually stick to this routine. You will be a bad Mommy but that’s ok ;p

2. Plan meals in weekend

Most of our time we get drained because of the house chores and preparing meals. Come up with a meal plan for a week. By doing this plan you will be able to relax in the week. You can cut veggies and put them in boxes and refrigerate them. Even  cook some items and refrigerate them so that you can preheat and make tasty dishes. Like for pasta you can al dente the pasta and refrigerate. When it is time to cook you can make tasty sauces and just add the al dente pasta, it will be ready in a few minutes. 

Prepare your meals !!!

3. Collect Worksheets/materials in weekend

Yes mommies I am giving another task, but if you want to focus on work on weekdays you need to collect and print them during the weekend’s. Here are some sites where you can materials and worksheets for low costs.

BBC has bitesize learning program , here is the link for primary classes –

Worksheets are our savior

4. Involve your kids in house chores

For toddlers it can be simpler tasks like putting their toys in the bin. But for kids from 5-7 you can give chores like making their bed, watering plants. Even toddlers can water plants but you may end up cleaning it. 8-12 doing their work, like putting clothes for laundry , taking their fresh clothes back to their wardrobe, keeping the clean dishes in the respective places from the dishwasher.

Teaching these life skills will always help them.

5. Enroll them in Online classes

Support your local community and talents.  Many creative people are engaging the kids by taking online classes. Some online classes which is best suitable for toddlers and younger children are,

  • Drawing class
  • Story telling 
  • Music and dance classes

Tell us how do you manage your work and home. If this blog helps you please share it with your friends, if you know an awesome tips leave it in comment section , mommies all over the world will get benefited by it. Thank you readers.



  • Vidhya Anantharaman
    June 9, 2020 12:05 PM

    Nice article. Well written! Nice tips!
    Even though we follow most of these, the real and the tough task is ‘early to bed and early to rise’. Especially when there is no school, it becomes the toughest.
    That one thing will turn all the curves straight. Parenting is not that easy and we elders have to strictly stick to a routine to make children do things. That too working mothers have to be spinning around all the time. If women choose to work, they need to balance both career and home. All the best to all the women! Keep going!

    • AniCreation
      June 9, 2020 12:41 PM

      Thanks a lot for your comments, yes I do agree it is really difficult like you said that is the biggest factor which will make our life easy. If you have more tips please do share to all wonderful mommies 😀

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