Scrapbook Embellishments using Distress Ink

Scrapbook Embellishments using Distress Ink

Finding the right embellishment for your scrapbook is really a difficult task; sometimes we will get what we wanted but most of the times we wonder if we can create our own embellishments instead of spending money.

One way is to use copic markers for colouring your embellishments, now people who are in budget will know how costly it is.

Baby scrapbook embellishments

When I do baby scrapbook based on Indian festival I rarely get the right stamps or stickers. I always like to add Little Krishna theme in my baby scrapbook, as in India Krishna’s birthday is celebrated grand, and it is our myth little children are like Krishna. People dress their babies like Krishna during this day. The babies look so adorable. Of course parents will love to cherish this memory on their baby scrapbook.

I had bought distress ink and I love the pigmentation, they are brighter than the watercolours. I drew Little Krishna and coloured using distress ink. What do you think of this adorable Krishna.




Complete reveal of the scrapbook


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