3 Adorable Painting on Fruits – Wedding decoration

3 Adorable Painting on Fruits – Wedding decoration

Hi Crafty friends, I am from southern part of the India; there is so much diversity in each region the weddings custom differ in every part of the India. In our tradition during engagement, the bridegroom family gives fruits, saree, gold ornaments to the bride. Being from a crafty family we started decorating the plates and fruits which are given to the bride

Krishna Radha painting Video

Wedding decoration on fruits

It was my cousin wedding and we decorated few fruits. I was so excited about this project, thought I will share it with you all.

I painted Krishna and Radha on the pear fruit. The colour of the fruit provides a beautiful background and the painting looks adorable. Krishna and Radha are god and goddess of love. In India there are many temples for Krishna and Radha.

For kiwi, I painted them like bunch of tribals with kawaii face on them.

I just love the way they look!!!! Kawaii faces can never let you down. You can easily add them in any projects and they just elevate your work.

For Apples, I painted a beautiful bride and handsome bridegroom. The apples were kept on top of one another. For the bridgroom using a black cardstock, I made a suit. We added pearl necklaces for the bride and used laces as gown, don’t you think she looks beautiful in it ?

Tell us which is your favourite fruit decoration ? we love to hear from you.