Easy Monster theme Halloween or party decoration

Easy Monster theme Halloween or party decoration

Well what you can do if you want to host a monster theme or Halloween party in a day? Simple, easy Monster eye theme decoration can save you; all you need is chalk pastels and paper!!!

Watch the video how to make monster eyes using Chalk pastels, so simple and even kids can help you to make lots of eyes!!! Make as many of these and use it as bunting, curtain or just stick it every where to make everything spooky.


We had two rhino statue which we bought from Assam, I used tape to glue monster eyes on them and made them as Monster RHINOOOOOO. Even the lift area was covered with monster eyes .


I made this weird ghost with foot ball and a trash bag , I covered the ball with trash bag and placed it on a log, for eyes I used the monster eyes.


For treats I mad spooky eyes on Oreo strawberry biscuits and for blood I used strawberry jam syrup. My lovely neighbour gave me LED lights and pumpkin harvest set for placing the treats.


Tripod stand, white cloth, a ball, LED lights turned into a lovely ghost 🙂


Sharp teeth on doors with red polish as blood (I used red stain glass paint from fevicryl), ghost balloons for added fun.


Shoe rack turned as spooky monster.


Well a budget friendly halloween or Monster theme party !!!! The kids had a blast and they really loved the decoration.


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