Doll Candy Decor centerpiece for birthday party

Doll Candy Decor centerpiece for birthday party

Planning a candy theme decor or teen birthday party? How about a doll candy decor as centerpiece? A beautiful doll whose gown has candy adhered to it; Sounds Magical right, it is so easy to make and it will add lots of magic to your party!!!

You will need,

  • Doll – Any doll 12″ above
  • Old box
  • Tissue paper roll
  • Glue gun
  • Glitter paper
  • Double side foam tape
  • Candies !!! lots and lots of them (buy hundred pieces – you will require maximum of 200 candies)

img1508470081655.jpgFirst lets make the base structure for the gown, to make this you will require the box and the tissue roll. Adjust the height of the box based on how long you want your dolls skirt and  add the tissue roll on top of the box. I have cut the tissue roll in half as it will give a nice look for the gown. Put a hole on top of the box so that you can insert the doll in the box.

Wrap the box with gold paper, this will be the base for the candy gown, the spaces where there is no candy it will be covered with this gold base paper and it will not look ugly.img1508470492291.jpg

Start adding double side foam tape as shown in the picture. Leave some space and add the next circle of tape.img1508470545634.jpg

Add candies on the foam adhesive. You can add alternate colours or just one colour.img1508470619666.jpg

I added few colour lollies on the back which made the doll look like fairy princess ?.img1508470773837.jpg

Candy theme decoration – this can be used for wedding decoration or birthday party decor.