Friendship Scrapbook – Cute gift

Friendship Scrapbook – Cute gift

Hi Friends, I like to share my Friendship scrapbook mini photo album which I made for two lovely cousins. It was a custom order and I enjoyed doing this project.

For privacy reason, I am sharing the pages of scrapbook without the photos.

IMG 5564

I added a small photo on top of the basket, it looked as if the kids were sitting in the hot air balloon. I used cardboard sheet for hot air balloon and basket. I used a jute cloth to cover the basket and used scrapbook paper for the balloon.

IMG 5566

Since it was a birthday gift and the kids enjoyed their time in Disneyland , I used a layout to add photos of birthday or notes and used Disney stickers as embellishment.

IMG 5565

A page to capture all their favourite things. The kids loved sleepover, playing Monopoly and when they are far away, they use Skype for video calls.

Disney Trip Scrapbook page

IMG 5567

The kids loved their trip to Disney , so I dedicated two pages to capture their memories. I was able to add 8 photos in this layout. I used Various colour paper which gave the feel of Disney, magic and candies.

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Hope this layout captures the magic of Disney land 🙂

I also added another mini photo album to capture all family get together pics, here again I was able to add around 8 pics.

IMG 5572

Last page I added a pic of his dream, owning a Lamborghini car, I used GIMP to add a pic of the car with the kids.

Watch the complete video to see all the pages.

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