Bring on Sunshine – Mixed Media Art Journal

Bring on Sunshine – Mixed Media Art Journal

Bring on the Sunshine – Art Journal

Hello friends, I like to share my art journal page, bring on the Sunshine. I have few step by step photos to take through my process.But, before that these are the products I used , Camel Artist Acrylic tubes, Sakura thin permanent marker for outline.

IMG 5543

IMG 5540

I actually started with circles, I was blank and I didn’t have any idea. After drawing the circles, I thought I can either make them cute cartoon animals, but felt I needEd some happiness to my journal page. I drew happy emojis and made them as a flower. I immediately knew I have to bring on the Sunshine.

IMG 5535

I used lemon yellow for the emojis and Sunshine word. I mixed Cobalt blue hue and white and applied randomly on the pages. I didn’t wanted an even tone so few places I made it dark, some places I added water to reduce the hue.

To add texture, I took some Prussian blue and applied on a plate, and took a bubble wrap and applied on my art work.

IMG 5536

For leaves I used a leaf cookie cutter , applied viridian hue and used it to draw leaf outline. To get an impact I used white colour to paint inside the leaf, I didn’t add water as I wanted that texture feel in my work. I also took white and Crimson lake and just applied randomly on the paper, I used a dry brush for the effect.

IMG 5537

I used Sakura marker to draw the outline and face.

IMG 5538

The art journal brought me Sunshine , what are you waiting for your Sunshine ☀️

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