5 DIY Mermaid Birthday party ideas under 200Rs

5 DIY Mermaid Birthday party ideas under 200Rs

5 Easy DIY Mermaid theme birthday ideas under 200Rs

I always come up with a theme for my daughter’s birthday party and I love doing games and decor based on that theme. Of course I get help from my talented mother and daughter. This time we were in my sis place for my daughter’s birthday, and I had only one day to plan and execute it. We decided Mermaid theme and my nephew and his cousin joined with us to make it a grand party.

Idea 1:

Pin the Tail/Fin for Mermaid /Decorate the Mermaid tail

IMG 5494

The game is to blindfold the kids and ask them to pin the tail. Before starting the game we can have one more activity based on this idea, ask the children to design and decorate the tail. Give some colour pens for this activity.

I drew the Mermaid and we used acrylics to paint the mermaid. We pasted the paper on a thick cardboard (recycle carton box) for additional support and used streamers for borders. The tails were cut out from thick colour card stock. We added a two way sticker on the back of the tail. Do not peel it until you blindfold the children, we don’t want them to stick it somewhere else. This game board also became a decor for the birthday.

This game was a huge hit, even adults who were watching were giggling and appreciating kids when they helped each other.

Idea 2: Photo Booth

IMG 5495

For fun part we created a photo booth, we took inspiration from Disney Ariel and flounder. We drew a circle such a way that it will fit my daughter’s head and then we drew rest of the Ariel and flounder body. We painted using acrylic colours and pasted the sheet on recycle cardboard. We later used a knife to cut the circle.

Hang the photo booth. Both kids and adult had lots of fun taking their photo.

Idea 3:

Feed the Shark

We gave six balls to kids to feed the shark, they have to throw the ball inside shark mouth and you know what even adults played the game 🙂

You need empty carton box , six small balls and your creativity. Draw shark head, add pointed teeth and cut out the teeth. That’s it you have a decor as well as a game.

IMG 5493

Idea 4:


IMG 5496

I drew fish, jelly fish, starfish, sea horse on thick cardstock and cut the paper. Added a stick and made it as a beautiful centrepiece You can make any sea creature for these centrepiece.I didn’t have foam sheets, make them using foam sheets,it will look more colourful.


Cake topper

We ordered a plain chocolate cake, for cake topper, I again used colour card stock to cut my daughter’s age and in another colour stock drew and cut a mermaid. I pasted the mermaid on top of the number , it looks awesome and the cake topper matches the theme.

IMG 5497

Idea 6:

Coral reef

IMG 5218

We had few pine cones, coloured with gold paint and I added small fishes (cut from cardstock) and made it as a coral reef. This again was a beautiful centre piece on the table.

Additional items: Fish bubbles

For fun we bought bubbles and asked the kids to blow fish bubbles.

IMG 5498

Try these party ideas, I am sure your party will be a huge success.Of course we added few balloons, my sis added lights as backdrop.

Some behind the scenes pic,