Easy Diwali Greeting Card

DIY Diwali Greeting Card

Diwali Greeting card


Diwali greeting card

Ok, here is another washi tape craft, I got lots of them and it is time to use them 🙂 This is a DIY Diwali greeting card. 

Materials Required:

  • Washi Tape
  • Thick card

Draw a diya shape in a thick card, cut the diya. Make sure the diya can fit in your greeting card. After cutting the diya, add layer of washi tape. Change colours to make it more attractive. After covering with washi tape, turn around and cut the extra washi tape. Now, you will have a colourful diya. Use, two way stickers to stick the diya in the card.

Watch the video to find how you can easily make this greeting card.

Make your own Diwali Greeting Card


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