DIY Paper Lantern 

DIY Paper Lantern 

DIY Paper Lantern

DIY Paper Lantern – Shadow Craft

This DIY paper Lantern is easy to make and a fun project for adults. This Lantern adds beauty to our home and it can be used for all occasions, small get together, birthday party.

Materials required:
  • Thick paper , I used drawing paper
  • X-Acto ( craft knife)
  • your favourite design

Trace or draw your favourite design on the paper, the design must have areas which can be cut. You can also download the design which I have used in the craft. For design – click here.
 (Amazon affliate link)
Colour the areas which you will not cut with markers. Use craft knife to cut the unshaded leaves. After cutting the leaves, wrap the paper as a cylinder and pin it. Now, light a candle in a glass tumbler and place the paper lantern around it.


Watch how to make this beautiful lantern


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