DIY Ganesha Lantern – Shadow Lantern

DIY Ganesha Lantern – Shadow Lantern

DIY Ganesha Lantern

Diwali Craft

This Diwali make this adorable Ganesha lantern and decorate your home.

ganesha-lantern_3 I saw a brass shadow lantern and fell in love with it. We all know how expensive they are, so here is a budget friendly version of the shadow lantern.

Materials required:

  • Thick card stock
  • Craft knife
  • Gold paint or gold powder and medium

DIY Ganesha Lantern

Watch the complete tutorial


Video tutorial DIY Ganesha lantern

Steps to create Ganesha Lantern

Draw the design which you like in the thick card stock. I have drawn a Ganesha, the God of good luck. If you can’t draw, please download the template given below and print it.

Click on Template and download the file. Print it and trace the image on a thick card stock.


Use a craft knife to cut the white area, don’t cut the shaded region. I love the Bianyo knife, they have extra knives which you can change once it has gone bad.
 (Amazon affliate link)

After you cut the white area, paint with gold paint. I used gold powder and medium to paint the Ganesha.


Fold the base after the paint is dried. Now, your Ganesha is ready. Light up a candle before the lantern and watch the beautiful shadow. Let this Diwali bring happiness and luck to your home.Happy Diwali



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