Decorate walls with painting – A portico makeover

Decorate walls with painting – A portico makeover

Portico wall makeover


I went to my sister’s house for this vacation and I did a quick makeover for her portico walls. The wall had lots of football marks, the effect of my sis son practicing football in the portico!!!

She was ready for the experiment and gave full permission  to do whatever I want. Well, what any crafters want after this, I had so much fun decorating her portico wall. First, I cleaned the wall and removed all the football marks. Then, I drew the design on the wall.  I loved the idea of a bird sitting on the switch box and drew the branches as if it is coming out of the switch box, this gave a new makeover for the switch box and also it looked realistic.

I used acrylic paints as direct sunlight doesn’t fall much on the wall. Flat brushes and sponge were used for painting.

Here is a time-lapse video of the painting which we did in her portico walls, enjoy the video.


Timelapse video of wall painting