3 ways to decorate CD – Diwali Diya stand

3 ways to decorate CD – Diwali Diya stand

DIY Diya stand CD decoration with Kundan stones

DIY Diwali Diya Stand


We all know how oil from diya spills and makes the place dirty. Let us make diya stand to avoid staining the floor, all you need is old CD and kundan stones. You can get kundan stones from the craft shop or from shops which sell materials for blouses.

You can use Mandala designs or Mehendi design for decorating the CD. I didn’t have small stones because of that reason, I have left many places blank. If you have small stones, you can come up with more designs.

Watch the video and see how you can easily design the CD

Recycle CD decoration with Kundan stones

Recycle CD – Diwali Diya Stand decoration with 3D cone outliner

Diwali Diya Stand

Fevicryl has 3D outliners, these outliners are easily available in craft shop. To do decoration with 3D outliners, clean the CD first. Find a design which you like and start applying the design on the CD. Watch the video to see how you can decorate the CD with 3D cone.

3D Cone Outliner

Decor CD with 3D outliner


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