Paper Quilling Clock

Paper Quilling Clock

Fishes swim around, Crabs say, “Tick Tock, tick tock” and starfish dances to the music, a Recycled CD turned into a clock.

Tick Tock Recycle CD Clock

Material Required:

  • Old CD
  • Metallic paint – any colour of your choice
  • Quilling paper – 3MM (if you have 5mm cut it half length-wise
  • Clock DIY kit

Steps to make Quilling clock

Colour the CD with your favourite metallic or normal acrylic paint. I have chosen blue as I wanted to decorate my clock with the sea theme.

Create your own embellishments using paper quilling. I have created a crab, few colourful fishes, a starfish, sea anemone and  seaweed.

Glue them on the CD, make sure you leave space for writing the hour units.Use compass , measure and add the hour units. Use Silver gel pen for writing the hour unit.

Assemble the clock.

Now hear the tick tock. If you wish, you can even use wooden MDF board as base and decorate with your quilling embellishments.

And the Sky is the limit, if you don’t have DIY clock kit, open your old clock and glue your quilling embellishment and close the case.

You can easily transfer an old clock to a masterpiece. I am sure all your guest will appreciate your craft work.