DIY Teacher’s Day Gift – Monogram Letters

DIY Teacher’s Day Gift – Monogram Letters

Teacher’s Day Gift:

A great idea to gift your Teachers – Monogram Wood Letter. My daughter was planning to give a surprise gift for her teachers. Last year, she made quilled cakes and this year she wanted to do something on her own. We decided, we will use the Monogram wood letters at home to paint and write teachers name.

So, here is my daughter’s ideas for teachers day gift.

Language Arts- She decorated with Charlotte’s Web story, as she is currently reading the book in her school.

Mathematics – Numbers, Symbols, Time

Science – Change of State, Solid, Liquid, Gas

Social Science – Galaxy, Constellations, Shooting star

Hindi – Hindi Alphabets

We traced the letter on the paper and she created the design before painting on the wood. It looks lovely.


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