10 Paper Quilling Jewellery Ideas for you

10 Paper Quilling Jewellery Ideas for you

Quilling Jewellery is very easy to make, and they make stunning fashion statements. If you already knew paper quilling , here are some ideas which you can use to get inspired and make your own design.

I use 5mm or 3mm width quilling papers for earrings and pendants. This size is ideal for fashion jewellery.

Angry birds, cupcakes, IceCream

Look for current fashion, get inspired by movies, colour from magazines. If you are an “Angry Bird” fan,  make Angry bird jewellery. I have shown one design for you, use googly eyes and cut strips of paper for eyebrows.

Ice cream, cupcakes, donuts makes a good theme.

Butterflies are always in fashion. You can make butterflies with colour combination in your dress.

Swirls, Loops, Waves

Loops, waves , we can create many designs from these shapes. The theme of blue waves, candies are all good ideas for the earrings.


If you have henna design book, you can create more designs than you can think of. Peacock design , there are so many ideas you can come off. Use dark blue in the middle, then light blue and outside green. You can make it as tight tear drop or tight loop.

I hope these ideas inspires you. Enjoy crafting.

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