Krabi weekend night market – Crafts Lovers Treat

Krabi weekend night market – Crafts Lovers Treat

Krabi weekend night market is a visual delight to all craft lovers. The colours, handicraft items which were there for sale , one will go mad with happiness.

What I loved about this market is that, it is a great way to promote traditional arts and also support local women. Every stall is unique. Even balloons which are sold here were beautifully done.

In one shop, a young lady sold customised caps. She had polymer clay charms and letters. She designs the cap which you choose,with name and pearls. She also has more charms like unicorn, lollipop which you can buy and add to the caps.


A shop had kirigami greeting cards. Kirigami is Japanese paper craft. Origami is art of folding paper, where as,  Kirigami is craft with cutting papers.

Another shop sold lovely soap flowers. Yes, these flowers are made out of soap!!!! They had a very good fragrance, the artist was carving the soap, but she didn’t do the colouring here. Obviously it must be her trade secrets.

I also got a cute clay food counter. See the Shrimp, eggs , rice. The artist is really talented.

Lovely book covers made out of cloth. See how buttons are used for eyes.

These paintings were made in deaf club.

Even the food and treats were so artistic and colourful. Some treats were made on Hello Kitty theme. There were also customised chocolate letters, the shop said these chocolates don’t go bad for 3 months without refrigeration.

Watch the customised cap video