DIY Recycle Scrapbook page – spend Less, recycle Craft

DIY Recycle Scrapbook page – spend Less, recycle Craft

We all know how costly is to make a scrapbook page, especially in India, as most of the scrapbook papers are imported. I wanted to do a simple scrapbook page which will not put holes in my pocket. Here is a DIY recycle scrapbook page idea.

The items which I collected from my home are invitation cards, thick cardboard paper from dress box or blouse bit covers, postcard, and pieces of photo paper which I got after printing my photo.

DIY Scrapbook Journal Page

I used the old invitation as the base of my scrapbook page. I used a thick paper which comes along with blouse pieces and cut it into a leaf. You can take any thick sheet and cut it into any shapes you like. I have cut into a leaf shape, as my picture has lots of plants in the background. I added the veins of the leaf using my Maped thin line colour pens.

I also cut a strip of paper in length-wise and coloured it green to give a grass effect. I had a postcard which was lying at home for a long time. I added this as a border for my picture. I wrote few quotes in the pieces of photo paper. Tried different layout and I was happy with this one.

Let me know what do you think about this layout page




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