Wishing Well Kids Craft

Wishing Well Kids Craft

Well, it was my husband birthday and my little darling wanted to surprise her dad with her own DIY gift. She wanted some ideas and after so many discussions, we decided we will do the wishing well. 

Materials Required:

  1. Popsicle sticks
  2. Old plastic water bottle
  3. Glue
  4. Decorating items like buttons, lace
  5. Patience

Yes Patience! When you are doing craft with your kids you need to have lots of patience, First they will take lots of time, next they will get frustrated soon. To do this little project my daughter took whole day and did in her own pace.

  • Cut the water bottle into half. The lower bottom will act as the base for the wishing well.

  • Stick the Popsicle sticks around the base. 

  • Add Popsicle stick on either side to make the structure of the well.

  • Add decorative elements to the well.

  • My daughter wanted to add white lace,it took some time to make her understand that,white on white don’t go so well. We changed the lace color by adding red color to the glue.

  • The end product. She wrote her birthday message in a paper and kept inside the wishing well.

  • She added a little bell to the well using pipe cleaners.

Well, her wishing well totally surprised her father.