Travel Journal Pages for Kids

Travel Journal Pages for Kids


Every journey tells us different stories,  stories which we will remember and cherish in our life. Capturing these moments in a travel journals will make a wonderful remembrance. Keeping travel journals in a young age helps children to cultivate them into a habit.

For young kids , they will require prompts/ideas to write in the journal pages. Here are some prompts which are ideal for travel journals,

1. Find what you wish your children to learn from this travel. If you want your children to learn about the country, capital, then give prompts for them to write about it.


2. Give space for drawing. Yes let them draw, even if it doesn’t resemble the place it is OK.

3. If you want them to cherish happy moments,give prompts to write what is the best part of the day.

4. Places they visited.

5. Paste some envelopes backside in your journal for keeping tickets, photos.

Doodle before and add those elements to your journal. Write your stories, if you are inspired with the journal, please share and comment about it.

Here is the link for the journal which I selected for making a travel journal (affiliated). Click on the journal for buying it.

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