Alphabet Theme Birthday Party Decor

Alphabet Theme Birthday Party Decor

I recently went to my native and I was awed to see the alphabet decor which was done for my cousin’s son’s birthday. It was pretty simple decor and easy to make yet it added so much beauty. This decor can be used throughout the year for the kids to learn Alphabet. A two in one idea.

OK, let me show the design which she has used and how she has used simple items to make this decor.

Materials used for Alphabet Birthday Decor

1. Glitter foam sheet
2. Fevicryl Glitter 3D cone
3. Newspaper (Yes, Newspaper)
4. Glue
5. Handmade paper (no Glitter)
6. Black marker for outline


The items like Apple, Ball, cap are drawn in Glitter foam sheet. For adding details in the ball and the cap she has used Glitter pens. She has cut the alphabet in handmade paper and used the black marker for the outline.

Check the Quill, how silver glitter pen has been used to add the details.


Z for Zipper and U for Umbrella!!


I just love the Hammer, Paintbrush. She has cut white foam sheet to thin strips and bundled it up to look like paint brush bristles.


In center she has added the Happy Birthday banner with alphabets as margins.



N for Newspaper, check how she has used Newspaper here.

So easy and simple, love this idea and like to get more ideas like this, Subscribe with us.


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