Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Current trending and exciting theme for girls birthday party is Frozen. We all know how Disney items are costly and finding pocket friendly decor item is very difficult. So if you are planning for Frozen theme in budget, here are some ideas which will help you in making a great the party.


Table Decoration

I found great printables which can be used to make Elsa and Anna doll. All you need to do is print them on photo paper and follow the instructions given on the printables and tada …. You will get Elsa and Anna decor. I added blue net cloth as Elsa cape to the doll. It took me solid two hours, so plan before and do this decor.


Here is the link for downloading Elsa printable elsa and the link for downloading Anna printable Anna

The big olaf is actually paper covered with foil paper. It was a little bit of clumsy work. If you wish to do it , you need to crush newspaper and make it is as a ball. Put tape to hold the paper and then wrap it with foil paper.

In a small glass bowl, I added blue papers and kept some sticks. I sticked sparkling flowers to the sticks for snowflake effect. To hide the sticks, I glued white and blue satin ribbons.


I found in Amazon, we can buy paper plates and cups based on Frozen theme, but for 10 sets the cost was around 650 Rs. So, instead of buying Frozen cups we got plain transparent disposable cups and decorated it with Olaf face. I used permanent markers to draw the Olaf face.


Link to buy transparent disposable cups, Frozen theme cups and Permanent marker (Amazon Affiliate – India Readers only).


Welcome Drink

You can make great blue drinks which are good for kids. Mapro has blue citrus flavoured drinks, we need to add water to it and it makes an awesome blue tasty drink.

Wall Decoration

I got a bright blue chart and used the white permanent marker to draw the banner. I also printed the Olaf on Photo paper and pasted on the chart. We kept the party in Terrace so the walls are dirty 🙂


Olaf Printable

Use this printable for decoration. olaf1




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