Compressing Image for your site


There are lots of technical aspects for creating and managing a website. Some times for bloggers, it is all too over whelming. Instead of worrying about actual contents, we worry about technical things. Luckily having a major in computer science, helps me to understand some of these issues better and resolve them. So I thought, why not tell bloggers about such issues and the ways to resolve them.

I noticed a recent blog of mine was taking lots of time to load. In that post I had used lots of images as it was a craft tutorial. All these images were taken with my one plus one camera with maximum picture quality. What happened was, the image size increased and my page was loading slower because of the image size.

I wanted good quality pictures at the same time; I wanted the image size to be smaller.  To do this, I started using .

All you need to do is, go to the tinypng website and drag your pictures and hit compress; little panda helps you to compress the image. Actually I liked their panda ;). They have used logic where the picture quality is retained but at the same time the size is reduced drastically. If you are more techie, know to add plugins, you can use tinypng wordpress plugin for automatic compression. Happy Blogging.


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