Passion about Paper Quilling

Passion about Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling has become my latest passion and hobby. It is always amazing to see how this small papers can turn into a wonderful art. I came to know about paper quilling when google chrome came up with new design templates. I fell in love with the design created by Yulia Brodskaya.

Paper Quilling is a very old and popular craft. During the renaissance period it is said that nuns used to decorate the Bible with paper quilling. Paper Quilling is originally originated from China.

I got a new book “Art of Paper Quilling: Designing Handcrafted Gifts and Cards” by Claire Sun-ok choi. Here is the link for the book (affliate) – Art of Paper Quilling: Designing Handcrafted Gifts and Cards

This book describes about all the techniques and guidelines which an amateur should need to know.

For my friend’s sister wedding when we were planning to decide what gift we should give, my mom suggested why don’t you make a framed paper quilling. And I did one of the projects with butterfly and flowers.


Soon I will be posting videos in English and Tamil explaining the materials and techniques required for Paper Quilling.

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